Fun with Gingerbread

posted Feb 19, 2016, 1:43 PM by Unknown user

In Kindergarten, our January/February theme was Gingerbread. We read 21 Gingerbread variations and compared the characters and ending of the story. This is a unit that really ignites a love for reading!

Here are the Gingerbread charts we have hanging in our room. We referred to these often during reading and writing lessons. 

On Wednesday, February 17th, we had a magical, sneaky visitor come to Room 1. He left us candy and notes. Then... he went missing. The school surveillance camera caught him playing in the hallway. 

On Thursday and Friday, the students spent time planning, collaborating, and creating their Gingerbread Traps. 

On Friday we set up all of our traps. We really hope to catch Gingy soon! We invited the other teachers, staff, and students to come see our finished products. Enjoy!