House Blessing Mass

posted Oct 12, 2016, 5:56 AM by School Admin   [ updated Oct 12, 2016, 6:19 AM ]
We were grateful that so many friends of St. Thomas were able to join us for this special celebration! We were honored by your presence. To those of you who were unable to join us: please come visit us at some point during this school year!

A special thanks to the students who wore traditional clothing for our Mass, to the eighth grade students who conducted school tours, and to the parents who provided food for the reception after Mass.

Projects completed since 7/1/16:
1. Asbestos abated from two (2) preschool rooms
2. Floor totally re-tiled in both preschool rooms
3. Peeling paint removed from preschool room
4. Broken windows replaced throughout the building
5. Mold removed from walls
6. Classrooms scrubbed and painted
7. Asbestos tile covered with carpet tiles
8.Cafeteria, art room, and science lab asbestos tile covered with epoxy
9. Air conditioning installed in all rooms
10. Electrical system partially upgraded (new panels as budget allowed)
11. Two (2) science labs established
12. Promethean boards installed in each room
13. Library established
14. Gym and cafeteria painted
15. New furnishings purchased
16. Security cameras installed at the doors
17. New lockers installed to accommodate increased student population
18. Interior of classroom lockers removed to make them usable for storage
Capital Projects still pending:
1. Complete electrical upgrade
2. Interior and exterior windows
3. Replace stair treads
4. Secure loose doors
5. Cover asbestos on landings
6. Improve outside play area