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Cart Signout Calendar Setup


Click the
Add to Google Calendar button in the bottom right corner of the calendar.


Confirm by clicking the
Yes, add this calendar button. 


On the left side of your Calendar window, below the Create button, you will see a list of calendars. (If you do not use Google Calendar, you will have a short list.) 

These different calendars are used to help you organize events. When you create an event in a specific calendar, it will appear in the color assigned to the calendar. This way, different events appear in different colors.

You can choose to see all events from all calendars at one time, or events from only one calendar. You can also hide events from a specific calendar.

Want to view just one of the Cart Signouts? 

Find the and Cart Signout calendars in the Other calendars list. 

Click the little arrow to the right of the desired Cart signout calendar and select Display only this calendar.


I find that it is easiest to view this calendar if it appears in weekly form. That way I can see the entire day at a glance.

If you want, you can change the view to Week by clicking the
Week button on the top right of the page.