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Cart Signout Instructions

 1. Go to
 2. Click on the desired day
a. When: Ignore

b. What: Type time and your name

c. Calendar: Select correct cart signout

To repeat this signout at the same time on an additional day(s), you can repeat Step 2 or go faster by clicking Edit event. Follow the OPTIONAL instructions below.

 3. Click Create event.


In your calendar event (which you can access by clicking the Edit event link):

1. Click the Repeat... checkbox
Look below the date and time to find it.
a. Repeats: Weekly

b. Repeat every: 1 week
You can change this to every other week by selecting 2 instead.

c. Repeat on: Click the checkboxes
The letters next to the checkboxes stand for the days of the week.

d. Ends: (Choose one)
You want the cart on these days at this time for the rest of the year.
After ____ occurrences
You want the cart on these days ONLY for this week. (Enter the number of times you'll be using it - this is the number of boxes you checked in the "Repeat on" section above.)
On ________
Choose the last day on which you will use the cart.

e. Summary: Read and verify that this is what you want.

f. Click Done

Click Save.
It's the red button above your name.